Established since 2003, we are humbled to have been able to work with children from around the world. We are here not only to teach and guide but to learn and grow as a ‘family’. Blue Daisies was started as a dream of creating a happy home away from home where children can explore, discover and grow in a safe environment. And this is what we are doing till today.


We strongly believe in allowing children to BE children, thus FUN and ENJOYMENT is our daily mantra in designing our curriculum and activities. PLAY is an integral part of the young child growing up, EXPLORING with their little hands while making sense of the beautiful and dynamic world around them. To children, their work is to play. As parents, we ought to understand that PLAY=WORK.


Our Early Years Eduplay Program is developed to provide a stimulating and experiential learning curriculum for children from as young as one and a half to six years old. The young child’s natural curiosity and eagerness in exploring the world around them are fostered throughout the day with a healthy dose of free choice time balanced with carefully planned age-appropriate activities that spark the interests of learning, striving to keep the sense of wonder within the developing young minds.

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“Dear Blue Daisies teachers,
Thank you for everything! Madoka & Shizuka enjoyed school life. Terima Kasih!”


“To Blue Daisies team,
I’d like to say thank you very much for your care of Denzel and Gabrielle during the time we were here. They had so much fun and love in Blue Daisies.”


“Dearest Blue Daisies,
 Thank you very much for all the years you have taught and taken care of Alexandra. We appreciate all the things you have done. Please continue all the good work that you are doing. Thanks again for everything!”

~Alexandra’s mum~

“Thank you so much for taking good care of our Otto! We will miss you all!”

~ Love, Otto,Helene & Max~